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Cruising North From Port Said

By doina — last modified Dec 11, 2004 03:31 PM

Published: 2004-12-11 15:31:55
Countries: Israel , Cyprus , Egypt , Greece

Israel: Ashkelon Marina

From Port Said the closest is Ashkelon Marina in Israel. It is only 120 Miles and it feels like being in Europe. Prices per m2 are becoming a lot cheaper when you stay longer: A 12m boat pays around 8$ per day if you stay a week and little over 6$/day if you stay a month. Included in this price is all the (drinking) water you need and internet access at the office. Electricity is metered. The entrance shallows, so keep well to starboard on entering (keep the small red buoy to your port).

You do not have to make reservations, there are enough visitors berths available. Shopping is cheaper than in Europe or Cyprus, and the local yachties and live-aboards make you feel very welcome.

Email adress: [email protected]


Ashdod Marina

The new marina is about 1.5 miles south of the commercial harbour. It is built similarly to the other Israeli harbours, opening on its northern side (waypoint: 31.47.54N/034.37.3E). They offered us a similar price to Ashkelon. Ashdod is no point of entry. You still have to check into Ashkelon first. Email adress: [email protected]

Contrary to what the Red Sea Pilot suggests we had no problem to travel north along the coast of Israel. Direct access into Lebanon from Israel is forbidden. In Lebanon they ask for your port clearance, so you have to go to Cyprus first.

Cyprus: Larnaca marina

We asked Larnaca for a quote, but they had no place in the water or on the land (prices are similar to Ashkelon). If they put you in the outer harbour, it is good enough for settled weather, but dangerous in bad weather (boats are known to be transferred to the commercial harbour). Water can be limited to several days a week, esp. in summer. Cyprus is more expensive than Israel and Greece, but on other things (like drinks) cheaper than Turkey. It is very English, and the first real spot with "Marina Life", including weekly barbecues etc. Larnaca is also the place to go for engine parts.

Email address: [email protected]

Greece: Marina Agios Nikolaos on Crete

The first good choice in Greece is Marina Agios Nikolaos on Crete. It is a port of entry, and a wonderful marina, situated in the middle of town, with enough visitor berths and friendly personnel. The amenities were always the limiting factor, but we heard everything has been renewed. All kinds of boat parts can be easily obtained (often sent over from Athens the next day). Coming from Port Said, it is the closest place in Europe to leave your boat. Email: [email protected]

Pauline de Bruijn/Chris de Klerk, s/y Zeeling

[email protected]