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Yachts Can Fly Blue Flags

By doina — last modified Jun 22, 2003 08:13 AM

Published: 2003-06-22 08:13:56
Topics: Cruising Information

The small individual Blue Flag can be awarded to interested boat owners/users wanting to contribute to the Blue Flag Campaign. The boat owner signs an environmental code of conduct declaring that he/she will act according the issues outlined in the code of conduct.

The following issues are included in the environmental code of conduct:

  • I will not throw garbage into the sea or along the coast
  • I will not release toilet water in the sea in coastal waters and sensitive areas
  • I will not release of poisonous or toxic waste (oil, paint, used batteries, cleaning agents, etc.) in the sea. I will deliver these types of waste to the containers in the marina
  • I will promote and use recycling facilities (glass, paper, etc.)
  • I will use the most environmentally friendly products among paints, anti-foulings, paint remover, detergents, etc, that are available and work efficiently.
  • I will instantly report pollution or other violation of environmental regulations to the authorities
  • I will not use forbidden fishing practice and I will respect periods when fishing is prohibited
  • I will protect animals and plants in the sea, including no disturbance of breeding birds seals or other marine mammals.
  • I will respect vulnerable and nature protected areas
  • I will avoid damage of the sea bottom, e.g. in the way that I anchor
  • I will avoid disturbing fishery or fishing gear
  • I will not buy or use objects made from protected species or from archaeological underwater findings
  • I will encourage other sailors also to take care of the environment.

Details of this can be obtained at

The code of conduct can also be obtained either through one's national Blue Flag co-ordination or through the International Blue Flag Co-ordination in Denmark.

International Blue Flag Co-ordination Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) c/o The Danish Outdoor Council, Scandiagade 13, DK-2450 Copenhagen SV, Denmark

Tel. +45 33 79 00 79 (Mo-Th 10-15, Fr 10-14), Fax +45 33 79 01 79

E-mail: [email protected]