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French Polynesia Immigration Update For Non-EU Citizens

By doina — last modified Feb 20, 2003 12:59 PM

Published: 2003-02-20 12:59:58
Topics: Cruising Information
Countries: French Polynesia

Noonsite Editor for French Polynesia, Luc Callebaut, just sent the following update to his previous report, French Polynesia Tightens Immigration and Customs Rules for All Visitors

This morning I went to the High Commisioner's office and talked about visas (just to make sure nothing changed recently) and following this meeting, I have the following modification:


You have 3 choices:

  1. You arrive here without any visa and you receive a 1-3 month stay (depending on your nationality). If the initial visa was valid less than 3 months, you can apply for an extension to get a total of 3 months. This extension can be given by the PAF (Police de l’Air et des Frontieres) or the Gendarmes. Note: the High Commissioner's Office (DRCL) has nothing to do with stays of less than 3 months.
  2. You apply to a French consulate outside of Polynesia for a 3-month tourist visa remember, no extensions after, either!)
  3. You contact a French consulate and follow the procedure to obtain a "Carte de Sejour" (temporary resident card) to stay more than 3 months in French Polynesia. You can ask for 6 months or more, for example. You will certainly have to explain why you want to stay that long, give an idea of what you plan to do, submit proofs of financial independence, they may check on your "good character and reputation", and more. The consulate is going to transmit your demand to the High Commissioner here in Papeete who will accept or deny your demand. Allow some time for that procedure but don't be discouraged ... according to local sources, request justified and done in due form are often granted!

The first choice, previously read:

  1. You arrive here without any visa and you receive a 1-month stay (remember, no extensions given to this!)

Read the rest of Luc's report for full details of immigration procedures, including those for EU citizens.