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Summary of Security & Piracy Reports 2012

By Sue Richards — last modified Feb 28, 2013 03:48 PM
A summary of worldwide piracy, suspicious incidents, robbery and burglary reports sent to noonsite during 2012.

Published: 2013-02-28 00:00:00
Topics: Piracy & Security
Countries: Antigua & Barbuda , Australia , Belize , Brazil , Colombia , Croatia , French Polynesia , Greece , Grenada , Guatemala , Haiti , Honduras , Malaysia , Morocco , Panama , Papua New Guinea , Peru , St Lucia , St Martin , St Vincent & the Grenadines , Thailand , Turkey , Venezuela


December: Jolly Harbour Marina - Attempted Burglary

2012: Prickly Bay - Dinghy and Outboard Thefts

January: Ile a Vache - Forced Entry and Burglary
January: Anse d’Hainaut - Dinghy and Outboard Theft . . . and Returned

Saint Lucia
November: Vieux Fort - Yacht Broken into while in the SE Anchorage
September: Rodney Bay, Reduit Beach - Dinghy & Outboard Thefts

St Martin
December: Marigot Bay - Attacked & Robbed Ashore after Checking-in
May: Marigot Bay - Dinghy Thefts
May: Increase in Thefts from Marigot Bay and Marina Fort Louis
May: Grand Case - Dinghy and Outboard Stolen from Yacht

St Vincent & the Grenadines
December: Bequia, Admiralty Bay – Burgled whilst ashore
November: Bequia, Admiralty Bay - Night Burglary
July: Bequia, Admiralty Bay - Sailor Shot and Wounded
December: Mayreau - Aggression towards cruisers ashore at Saline Bay
February: St. Vincent, Wallilabou Bay - Night time boarding


March: Pelican Cayes - Charter Yacht Brutally Attacked

October: Rio Dulce, Mango Marina - Dinghy and Outboard Theft

July: Catarasca Lagoon - Single Handed Cruiser Loses Boat to Pirates
July: Roatan, Port Royal - Armed Boarding, Assault & Robbery
June: Punta Sal - Sailing Boat Boarded and Robbed
March: Security Notes for Visiting Yachts
February: Guanaja Island, Bonacca - Deck Gear Stolen at Night

December: San Blas, Matanchen Bay - Attempted Dinghy Theft & Burglary
November: Punta Chame - Yacht boarded and robbed by Armed Men
July: Bocas del Toro, nr. Isla Colon - Brutal Assault & Robbery
March: Colon - Yacht at anchor boarded & robbed


January: On Passage Brazil to Tobago - Suspiciously Pursued off Suriname

June/July: Salvador - Armed Boardings and Robberies
January: Angra dos Reis nr Paraty - Armed Boarding & Robbery, Crew Tortured

September: Santa Marta, Taganga Bay - Armed Boarding and Robbery

January: Paita - Armed Boardings and Robbery

August: Puerto La Cruz - Armed Boarding & Robbery
June: Orinoco Delta - Two Dutch Cruising Boats Suffer Armed Robbery
January: Nr Curapano - Violent Attack and Robbery


July: Sarawak, Kuala Bintulu - Dinghy Theft
April: Borneo, Sandakan - Theft from Yachts Continues

July: Koh Lipe - Dinghy and Outboard Theft


May: Brisbane, Garden Point Moorings - Dinghy Thefts

French Polynesia
May: Society Islands, Moorea, Opunohu Bay - Rising Crime

Papua New Guinea
August: New Britain, Ndawa Bay - Armed Boarding, Attack and Robbery
March: Witu group, Garove Island - Armed Boarding and Attack


July: Pula - Dinghy and Outboard Theft

July: Messolonghi - Thieves on board

April: Safi - Yacht Break-in and Burglary

May: Fethiye, Aksazlar Bay - Break-in and Burglary

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