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Piracy Reports 2011


Please note that whilst these pages are grouped under "Piracy", they in fact relate to yacht security (in some cases piracy) and include reports on security incidents against yachts and cruisers.


East Malaysia, Borneo: Sandakan and Kudat - Theft from Yachts

Kiribati, Gilbert Islands, Tarawa: Breaking & Entering - Update 2012

Summary of Security & Piracy Reports 2011

Honduras: Rio Dulce, Guanaja, Sandy Bay - Armed Attack & Robbery

Dominican Republic, Luperon: Break-in and Burglary

Carriacou, Tyrrel Bay: Armed Boarding & Robbery - An Update

Saint Lucia: Vieux Fort - Daytime Burglaries

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Bequia, Admiralty Bay - Burglaries

Turkey, Datca: Break in and Theft

Canary Islands, La Gomera: San Sebastian Marina - Dinghy Stolen

Tobago: Englishmans Bay - Armed Boarding, Assault & Robbery

Solomon Islands, Mauali Bay (nr Tulaghi): Aggresive Boarders

Further Updates to Burglaries in the Marshall Islands

Venezuela, Isla de Margarita: Porlamar - Cruisers Robbed

PNG, Admiralty Group: Trouble on Manus Island in Lorengau - Updated

Turkey: Keci Buku - Nightime Break-in and Burglary

Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu: Sutera Harbour Marina Night Entry & Theft

Gulf of Aden: Hijacking - Danish SY ING

Tobago: Plymouth, Great Courland Bay - Daytime robbery/break-in

Solomon Islands: Tulagi Harbour - Burglary

Venezuela, Isla de Margarita: Off Porlamar - French Catamaran Armed Robbery

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Tobago Cays - Armed Robbery

Saint Lucia: Rodney Bay - Dinghy & Outboard Thefts

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Mayreau, Saline Bay - Burglary

St Vincent & the Grenadines: Mayreau, Saltwhistle Bay - Robbery

Southern Italy: Off Cape Rizzuto - Mysterious Incident

St. Vincent: Blue Lagoon - Burglary

St Vincent: Wallilabou Bay - Burglaries

Venezuela: 2011 Safety and Security Incidents

Oman: Hijack and Murder - SV Quest

Marshall Islands: Burglaries

Frightening Attack in Kokopo, Papua New Guinea

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Caribbean, Bequia, Admiralty Bay: Spate of Burglaries - Update  (20 Nov 2011)

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Papua New Guinea: scientists/sailors missing, pirates now suspected   (20 Oct 2011)

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Marqueses, Nuku Hiva - "Cannibal" fear over death of German Yachtsman  (17 Oct 2011)

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Tobago: Local Reaction to Latest Crime Against Yachts  (16 Sep 2011)

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Crew Abudcted from French Sailing Yacht off Yemen by Somali Pirates - Update  (13 Sep 2011)

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St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Attackers Caught and Awaiting Trial - Further Details  (01 Aug 2011)

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So You Still Want to Sail Through the Gulf of Aden?  (25 Jul 2011)

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Three suspected Somali pirates charged with murder  (19 Jul 2011)

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Update on Kidnapped Sailors in Somalia  (05 Jul 2011)

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Caribbean, Southern Windward Islands - Burglaries during Dinner Hour  (27 Jun 2011)

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Somali Pirates Plead Guilty in US to Quest Hijacking  (21 May 2011)

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Costa Rica: Marine commerce facing threats by pirates on both coasts  (09 May 2011)

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Somali charged in hijacking that killed 4 Americans  (15 Apr 2011)

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Kidnapped Danish Cruising Sailors Exhausted and Demoralised  (31 Mar 2011)

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Thoughts on the Fate of s/v Quest  (25 Feb 2011)

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Tragic Outcome for US Crew Taken Hostage  (22 Feb 2011)

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Hijacked US Yacht - The Latest News  (21 Feb 2011)

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More Anaylsis of Piracy Attacks  (09 Feb 2011)

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News of the South African Couple Held Hostage  (04 Feb 2011)

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Piracy Attacks Extending Towards Madagascar  (03 Jan 2011)