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Piracy Reports 2008


2008 - Piracy Round-Up for the Year

Guatemala, Rio Dulce - Fatal Pirate Attack 2008 - Updates

Caribbean, St. Lucia, Soufriere - Robbery

Solomon Islands, Tulagi - Armed Boardings

Red Sea - Safe Haven in Yemen

Costa Rica Pirates – Cruisers Be Aware

Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka - Possibly Piracy or Possibly Not

Venezuela, Isla Borracha - Fatal Pirate Attack

Ecuador, near Punta Pedernales - Armed Robbery and Attack

Guatemala, Rio Dulce - More Armed Robberies Reported

Indian Ocean, Comoros Archipelago - Alarming Situation in Mayotte -

Gulf of Aden - Our Experience, August 2008

Gulf of Aden, Somalia - French Luxury Cruise Ship Hijacked

Venezuela, Central Litoral Coast, Marina de Caraballeda - Robbery and Fatal Shooting

Gulf of Aden, Somalia - French Yacht Hijacked

Corsica - Armed Robbery of Super Yacht

Gulf of Aden, Somalia - German Couple Siezed by Pirates

Venezuela, Margarita, Porlamar - Dinghy Theft

Caribbean, Dominica, Roseau - Yacht Boarded

Sri Lanka - Yacht Pursued off the Sri Lankan Coast

Venezuela, Margarita, Porlamar - More Thefts and Incidents

Canary Islands, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Burglary

Caribbean, St. Vincent, Chateaubelair - Armed Robbery

Jamaica, Morant Point - Attempted Attack

Venezuela, 10 miles from Puerto Santos - Attack on British Yacht

Venezuela, Off NE Coast - Armed Boarding and Robbery

Venezuela, Margarita, Porlamar - Spate of Robberies

Nicaragua, Moskito Coast - Possible Piracy Problem

Caribbean, Dominica - Boarded and Robbed

Indonesia, Eastern Moluccas, Tanimbar Islands - Armed Robbery

Red Sea, Eritrea - Yachts Pursued

Guatemala, Lake Izabal - Armed Boarding and Theft

Venezuela, Puerto Santos - Yacht Boarding

Brazil, Belem - Armed Robbery

Papua New Guinea, Wewak - Yacht boarded by armed men

Sri Lanka, East of Galle - Possible Attempted Attack

Venezuela, Isla De Margarita - Yacht Robbed and Crew Member Shot

Fiji, Viti Levu, Natovi Jetty: Armed robbery and cruisers attacked

Eritrea: Yacht Pursued

Venezuela to Trinidad: Sailing Boat Shot At

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