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Cruising Families

Posted May 2012
The crew of Del Viento (1978 Fuji 40) is Michael and Windy with daughters Eleanor (8) and Frances (6). We are slowly heading north from Mexico (2011) to British Columbia (2012) where we plan to winter over to get a jump on the summer 2013 cruising season around the inside passage. After that we will likely race back south to warm ourselves back up. Eventually we may get to Japan. We are always on the lookout for other kid boats. Please feel free to email us or check our blog.

PACIFIC: Crossing - US to Australia - November 2010
Posted 8 November 2010 - updated Feb 2011
Drew Collins and his family are departing the US around the first week or two of November 2010, sailing down the coast of Central and South America, and then after several stops along the way sailing across to Australia. Drew has set up a forum for any kids under 19 who live on board and want to talk about their sailing adventures, give ideas or tips, or just chat. Soon Drew will be adding a google maps so you can pin on the map where you are. Update February 2011

SCOTLAND - Shetland Isles
Posted December 2012
We are a Scottish family and having sailed around the Med during 2010 and 2011 have now returned to our home, the Shetland Isles. We have two daughters, aged 8 and 7 years old, so if any sailing families are coming North we would be more than happy to show them around.
Cheers, Ali and Linda

SE Asia to Indian Ocean bound in 2015
Updated September 2014
Our family of five is in currently in Southeast Asia heading west across the Indian Ocean in 2015. We love to connect with other "kid boats", either out here or virtually. Please feel free to email us or check our blog; we often write about kids & cruising. The Giffords - Behan, Jamie, & the 3 swabbies - Niall (15) Mairen (12) and Siobhan (10). SV Totem (Stevens 47)

Regional Cruising

Malaysia - Dive Permits
Posted 29 July 2010
I have just recently visited Sipadan island, Malaysia, and discovered (a bit late, unfortunately) that the authorities have closed the island to all diving visitors EXCEPT those who have applied for (and paid for) a permit. Permits are issued for a limited number of visitors (no more than 200 divers per day) and cost about 50 Ringgit. As an infrequent user of the net I was unaware of this and had to return to Semporna to get the paperwork done. So the question is: are there any other areas in Malaysia that are off limit or require a permit? As far as I am aware, Sipadan is the only one besides Layang Layang (permit required, excessive paperwork, but no fees). The Jabatan Laut (Marine Department) is of the same opinion - but then, on the other hand, they misinformed me about Sipadan in the first place. Other parks such as Tioman, Payar, Tungku Abdul Rahman etc. are still free for cruisers to enter - aren't they? Has anyone been to those parks recently? I passed Malaysia en route to the Philippines and Palau in 2007, so my info might be outdated. Silja Ruebsamen (Germany)

Papua New Guinea, Ninigo Islands: Looking for Yachts to deliver gifts and letters
Updated January 2014
We are the family crew of Australian SV Anui, currently on land in Yamba NSW but trying hard to maintain links with a very special island in PNG from our time sailing there in 2011. We made particularly good friends with the people of Mal in the Ninigo islands, West of the Hermit Islands and are trying to continue to help them and their community in small ways. We manage to stay in touch with the community through a family member of theirs who lives on the main island of Manus and has a mobile phone, so messages can occasionally be relayed to the island. We would always be very glad to hear from yachts that might be heading to the North of PNG and may consider a stop-over in Ninigo as we would love to be able to send letters/ gifts/ photos of our growing kids (who both have namesakes now on Mal!). Sometimes we also have up to date information about ways in which the community needs help – particularly the wonderful little school there. If you or any of your friends are cruising in that region, please contact Sarah and Scott Armstrong.

Schengen Countries: Non-EU Visitors Exceeding their 90 day Limit
Posted May 2013
We are an Australian yacht, currently in Turkey, and are keen to hear from fellow non-EU cruisers who have had any experience, good or bad, with the Immigration Authorities when they have exceeded the 90 day limit (in a 6 moth period) when visiting the Schengen Area countries?
Stephanie & Pete Peterson
(Editor's note: See Noonsite page/General/EuropeanUnion)


Adams Carina 44: Problems with the centreboard
Posted May 2013.
We have an Adams Carina 44 and are having problems with the centreboard. It became stuck in the up position. We slipped the boat and jacked the centre board out and this was accompanied by about a bucketful of water being released from the slot when the centreboard became free of the slot in the keel. Our first question is where did this water come from? We found a small crack in the fibreglass on the trailing edge of the board. We allowed the board to dry, repaired this crack, ground the surface of the board (a few mm each side) especially in the areas where there appeared to be scratch marks, and replaced the board. When we put the boat back in the water, the board wen tup and down with no problems. When we used the boat a week later, the board came up with no problem, but then became stuck again. We would like to hear from anyone who has had similar problems or has some ideas as to what the cause of this problem might be.
Lesley and Phil, SY Paseafique

General Queries

Cruising Boat Designed to fit in Container
Posted April 2010 , Reviewed January 2011
About six years ago, a rather novel concept was put forth as an alternative to traditional cruising logistics. I'm not certain, but I think it may have been a Robert Perry design. The idea was that the hull, keel & mast would all fit into a standard 40' container. IF ANYONE can remember any of the details or where to start trying to track down information I would be MOST appreciative. Thanks for any and all help John ("JB") Bill

Seeking Information on S/V Maranoa
Sailing vessel Maranoa is a 45ft ferro-cement boat. The nephew of the original builder is seeking any information about its history.

Yacht Search

Atlantic: German Yachtsman Missing
Posted April 2015
Axel Verlohr, an experienced German yachtsman is missing. His yacht the "Offshore Pergola" was washed up on a beach in Guyana April 17th 2015. No liferaft has been found. His last known location was Praia, Cape Verde from where he set off in mid March for Trinidad and Tobago.
Anyone who has seen him or has come in contact with him should kindly contact the nearest German Embassy or consulate. We are worried for his safety.

Atlantic: Looking for SY Isabelita Betancor built 1948
Posted May 2013
I am looking for a sailing vessel by the name Isabelita Betancor. It was built in Las Palmas in 1948. It was 15,26 meter long. In December 1969 it was moored at Muelle Santa Catalina in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. After this they probably sailed to Brazil via Cap Verde Islands. I would be extremly grateful for any information about the boat. Ingrid Frohlich (Sweden).

Brazil, Itaparica-Salvador: Missing German Yacht since November 2014
Posted May 2015
Tel:(+49) 07531/5902-300 Fax:(+49) 07531/5902-309
SV Anni 2 was last spotted on 24th November 2014 on the island of Itaparica, Salvador de Bahia. .She is an Irwin 52 ketch, 15.6m long, white hull, blue stripe, raised solid sprayhood with fixed white bimini. Built 1978, hull no. XYM52035M78J. Registered Friedewald/Germany.

France, Lorient: Oceanis '45 "Ere Nahia" Stolen
Posted November 2013
Stolen 9 October 2013. If you see this yacht, contact the harbour office and the owner (contact at the end of the film).

Hong Kong, Sai Kung: 45’ sailing catamaran is missing, presumed stolen from her mooring
Posted 30 June, 2014
It is suspected that the boat has been sailed out of Hong Kong sometime last week. Keep an eye open for a vessel fitting the description in the linked Sail-World article.

Indian Ocean Cape Town to Phuket: Missing Catamaran
Posted March 10, 2015
On December 14th 2014, the catamaran, Sunsail RC044-978 set out from Cape Town harbour on a delivery trip to Phuket, Thailand. The delivery was on behalf of Tui Marine. On February 12th 2015 the catamaran was reported as overdue to MRCC Cape Town. Read full details via the link.

Indian Ocean: Solo sailor lost contact since Feb. 2013
Posted April 2014. , Updated December 2014
Ian Baker, heading from South Africa to Australia. Last heard of February 2013 departing Mauritius for Christmas Island and then on to Australia or NZ via Tasmania. Ian is sailing a sloop 10.57m, SSR no. 43007 Class Rafiki 35. Blue sails, navy blue hull with white deck. The boat is called "STELLA". Please contact friend Linda Vetter at if you have any information on Ian's whereabouts.

Malaysia to Philippines: Overdue Vessel
Posted 15 July, 2015
I have serious concerns for the safety of my friend (Ricky White). He was temporarily in Puteri Harbour (14th June), Malaysia, before making way toward the Philippines (Manila area?). On 22nd June, I received a brief message from him informing me they had anchored for the night in a spot called “Pirate Point” – no specific geographical information.
The vessel name is “Zenity”, a 1993 built Prout Snowgoose 37 Elite (catamaran). White hulls with green horizontal band (@15 cm wide). Sails appear to be white with green UV protection band. Sail covers etc. are green.

NW Spain, Bouzas: Boat Stolen
Posted 26 May, 2014
Tel:686 45 64 40
This boat has been stolen from Puerto Piojo, Bouzas, Vigo. SUN KISS 44 (Reg: 7a - VI - 5 24-07) - Name "Tremolante" on aft hull both sides. White hull, teak topsides, navy blue spray hood & bimini, roller gib, stern arch with radar reflector. Spanish flagged. If you know of the whereabouts of this boat, please contact urgently Manuel Alonso at the telephone number listed. Please also inform the Guardia Civil or Maritime Authorities.

Portugal: Sun Odyssey 39 Stolen from Olhão
Posted 20 November 2014
Tel:+49 (40) 37 48 18-0 Fax:+49 (40) 37 48 18-15
A Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39, SV AIZEA, was stolen on 17th November 2014 from Olhão, South coast of Portugal. Because of date and location it could be possible that the yacht will be used to cross the Atlantic, perhaps together with the fleet of the ARC this year.
Its hull number is 4893-43638. It has white hull and topsides, a blue bimini top partly covered with solar panels, stern davits and in-mast main sail furling system.
Name 'AIZEA' and homeport 'ANVERS' in blue letters at transom, most likely changed, removed or covered.

South Pacific or America: Looking for a yacht my father built
Posted June 2015.
I am looking for a Yacht my father built, started in 1974, an Adams, Ferro Cement ketch, with two wishbones. “Kotick” from PNG. I believe the new owners changed her name to ‘Sea Dog’. It was sold from Perth Western Australia around 1990-91, from my understanding, to a gentleman who wanted to sail her to the South Americas. The interior had beautiful rosewood and teak. Any leads would be much appreciated.
A. Milligan

Spain, Premià de Mar: Stolen Beneteau Oceanis 40
Posted December 2014
Tel:+49 (40) 37 48 18-0 Fax:+49 (40) 37 48 18-15
This sailing yacht was stolen on 29th July 2014 from Premià de Mar, Spain. It maybe a rally candidate heading for the Caribbean. Its name is SUENOS UNO and the hull number is FR-BEYG2367A808. It has white hull and topsides with a narrow grey stripe.

Yacht Search Archive

Aruba to Colombia: SY Jeri last seen 22 December 2012
Posted 21 January 2013
Dutch yacht "Jeri" and skipper Frederik Wustenhoff, having departed Marina Santa Marta in December last year, have currently not arrived in Aruba. Frederik is officially a missing person and his family and friends are asking for any assistance fellow sailors can give. See full report above. Contact the family via their website:

Catamaran Minx lost in the Coral Sea
Posted January 2012
S V Minx was abandoned in the early hours on Wednesday Dec 21, 2011 during a dramatic, life threatening rescue. Position : 17*20' S 154*13' E approx - 380nm East of Mackay on Australia's Eastern Coast. Any feedback, a sighting or information relating to Minx would be appreciated. Many thanks Jon Howard

Looking for Yacht 'Windigo'
Posted November 2012
British registered sailing yacht 'Windigo' was abandoned about 430 miles southwest of Tonga on the 7th November 2012 after being damaged in a severe storm. The owners, Stephen Jones and Tania Davies were rescued but very much wish to reclaim their uninsured home. Its last reported position was 24 degrees, 49.3min South, 179 degrees, 49.2min East. It can also be identified by the SSR number 141391 on the stern. Please email Steve and Tania with any information.

Looking for news of Abandoned Yacht Freewind
Posted December 2012
S/V Freewind, a 55 foot ketch rigged sailing vessel, suffered a total steering system failure during her trans-Atlantic passage and after consultation with the Coast Guard, it was decided to abandon her. She was abandoned late on 26th Dec 2012 – the last known position was N 22 18.2 W 026 45.4 some 700 miles WSW of the Canary Islands. The crew of S/V Freewind, Frank and Jan Balmer, were taken on board a cargo ship bound for the port of Trombetas, Brazil. The last report was that there were no injuries and Frank and Jan are expected to arrive in Brazil on 4th Jan 2013. Before abandoning her, Freewind had been sealed against water ingress but reportedly suffered some damage during the crew transfer to the freighter. If anyone sights this vessel, please contact Edmund Steele.

Missing Spanish Registered Sloop Danarah - MAL
Posted May 2012
Any information on the whereabouts of 45 foot wooden sloop Danarah would be greatly welcomed. This Spanish Flagged vessel has the word 'MAL' on the stern. It was last positively identified off Marseille on 6th July 2006. At that time the three men on board made it known they were making for Spain. Any information at all would be welcome. Many Thanks J Smith

Sly Mongoose Stolen In Caribbean
Posted June 2009 , Reviewed January 2012
Last seen St Thomas USVI May 11 2006, could be anywhere. One-off Derecktor boat built 1971, 54' sloop, white hull but could have been painted blue and name changed. Contact BOATEAM International Marine Surveyors for photo and more details. Update June 2009: This yacht has not been located and the case is still not closed, therefore if you have any information please do get in touch. January 2012. The search continues and any news would be welcome - thanks - Barbara

Yacht Stolen in Marshall Islands
Posted 7 January 2012
My Wharram Tangaroa catamaran "Taraipo" has been stolen in Majuro, marhsall Islands, North pacific. See link. If you see my boat somewhere please report it to the nearest police station, and mail me. Thank you. Laurent.


Portugal: Sun Odyssey 39 Stolen from Olhão

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