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Another New Tax for Cruising Boats in Greece - Updates

By Sue Richards — last modified Apr 08, 2014 12:36 PM
Contributors: Captain Costis Arzinos, Fabian Eder

Published: 2013-01-31 01:20:00
Countries: Greece

(Editor's Note: This proposed tax, which never came to fruition, has now been superceded by another tax, due to be implemented from 1st January 2014. Find out more about this tax at the Cruising Association's website and noonsite report:

Posted 31 January 2013

I recieved a letter this morning, that these taxes still are not confirmed, but owners should be aware that this looks quite possible to become law. If so, a yacht is not allowed to leave harbour without a vignette showing that the tax has been paid. The prices listed below accord with the list I received, but obviously there are reductions planned:

  • Every 5 years from the date the yacht was built, there shall be a reduction of 10% until it reaches a minimum of 20% of the original tax.
  • You can get another 5% reduction by paying 6 months in advance, and 10% by paying 12 months in advance.

This tax, called "AVA", will be calculated for the whole year, and the owner must pay whether staying for one, three, six or twelve months. Ships entering from abroad will have to pay this at Customs, who make the transit log.

This tax is still planned, which means it is not valid yet. But in my opinion it seems to be seriously planned and the economic state of the country makes it quite possible to become official law within this, or at the latest next year.

Fabian Eder
SY Gitte (Austrian)

Posted 18th January 2011

Contacts in Greece have indicated to Noonsite that this tax, as set out below, is not being collected at present. It is possible that boats in Greece for more than 40 days and which were also in the country on 15th October 2010 may be liable to pay a one off tax at the rate show.

For the present, until the law is further clarified, it appears that the annual tax is not being applied.

Updated 3rd January 2011

There is now another new tax to be paid by some boats visiting Greece for an extended cruise.

It is applicable to pleasure boats of all nationalities (including Greek) over 11m (motor boats) or 15m (sailing boats) which remain in Greek waters for more than 60 days in any one year. The year runs from 15th October each year.

This is a modification of the original propsal drafted by the previous Greek government.

Currently the rates are as follows:-

(1) Power boats over 10 metres

First 13m = 300 Euros per metre
Next 4m (14 to 17) = 550 Euros
Next 4m (18 to 21) = 800 Euros
Next 4m (22 to 25) = 1050 Euros
Over 26m = 1300 Euros per metre

Example- 15m power boat would need to pay (13300)+ (2550)= 5000 Euros per year.

(2) Sail boats over 15 metres

First 20m = 200 Euros
Next 5m (21 to 25) = 400 Euros
Over 26m = 600 Euros per metre

It is likely to take a little time before this new tax is consistently collected.

Our thanks to Captain Costis Arzinos for notifying us about the new tax.