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Free Cruising Guides' Caribbean Security Index use grows

By Free Cruising Guides — last modified Jan 10, 2014 12:59 PM
Extraordinary growth evidences escalating concern over crime in the Caribbean.

Published: 2014-01-10 00:00:00
Topics: Cruising Information , Piracy & Security

Free Cruising Guides' Caribbean Security Index use grows

Distribution of CSI Users: © Free Cruising Guides

The Caribbean Security Index (CSI) distributed at no charge by Free Cruising Guides ( surpassed 24,000 unique verified users at the start of 2014.

The Caribbean Security Index (CSI) uses probability analysis to allow cruisers to know what the likelihood of different types of crimes in different areas of the Caribbean will be.  Based on probabilities informed cruisers can then plot their routes to avoid areas where the chances of encountering a problem are known to be high. Different types of crime ranging from theft to violent assault are analyzed.

Dr. Catherine Hebson, the Director of Free Cruising Guide and the creator of the CSI index, said that she believes the most effective weapon cruisers have in dealing with crime is to actively avoid it.  While there is no way to predict with certainty, probabilities that are well researched are used in everyday life from games of chance to annuity life tables.  She believes that just as cruisers are careful to avoid rocks and reefs as well as hazardous weather, the same avoidance tactics can be used when dealing with crime.  The fact that the index has grown so rapidly demonstrates the level of concern that cruisers have regarding this subject.

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